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Feb 01, 2019

The Times They Are A-Changin'

Comrade Dane Peterson interprets the changing of the seasons through film.

"In passing weeks I’ve been intrigued at the notion of trying to capture the changing of season. It’s been really interesting to document subtle changes such as the color shifts from the harsh summer light into the more soft and subtle hues and light of fall."

Fall Photography By Dane Peterson

Photo of a Shoreline in the Fall by Dane Peterson"A cool breeze and light morning fog have now replaced the dry, dense heat of the all too familiar summer air. There’s a touch of condensation on the leaves of our fall trees."

Malibu Sunset by Dane Peterson

"Sunsets burst with tones that only a Californian Fall can produce, and I find myself composing an image of those Fall colors on a Santa Barbara county sandbar thinking to myself how, with all the madness and chaos in the world presently, there’s still such an abundance of beauty surrounding us."

"I take a deep breath, taste the salt on my lips, and acknowledge how grateful I am to be present in this moment and find my little piece of solitude in the afternoon shallows.” - Dane Peterson


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