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Sep 07, 2015


A solid night of drinking, chatting and mingling with LA's finest.

Last week we got down at the Lone Wolfs shop on Lincoln Blvd in Venice Beach, CA. Lone Wolfs is an amazing creative surf space that doubles as a hangout den and music studio. Couple that with a monochrome aesthetic and you'll quickly find yourself in a hub of intelligent and creative people that find a common ground in all things surf. We had a ton of fun sipping on sake, guzzling some Sapporo, and snacking on sushi while we previewed our Fall Collection. Vinyl tunes were provided by our Comrade's Chris Del Moro and Jared Mell. The good times can be recapped more genuinely in the photos below. Check out what these Lone Wolfs dudes are up to and stay on their pulse here The Lone Wolfs.



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